Mental Health

The Adult Mental Health Team assists an individual with mental illness to live independently in the community. Services that are available to support individuals are case management services which provide referrals to community mental health center, community outreach programs, day treatment groups, drop in program at the community mental health center, residential treatment facilities, board and lodges, money for housing support, and assistance from local food shelves and others.

There is a wide array of services for those with a MH disability in the Brainerd Lakes Area that we work with on a daily basis. We often work with other supportive services in our area to assist those on their road to recovery. Some of our Local resources include the following:

This is not an all-encompassing list and there are many independent providers providing therapy and MH services in our area. We are not endorsing any of these providers in specific only listing these as a basis for those looking into services to have resources.


The Mental Health unit also does prescreening for judicial commitment when they receive an examiner’s statement in support of a commitment from a medical doctor or psychiatrist who believes the person is a danger to himself or others due to his or her Mental Health.

Additional Information

For more information call 218-824-1140 and ask for adult mental health intake or email Adult Services Supervisor Nathan Bertram.

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