What is Torrens Property?

Torrens title is a system of registration of land titles by District Court Order resulting in the creation of a Certificate of Title with all subsequent transactions affecting the property noted upon the certificate. The Certificate of Title is conclusive as to the state of title.

Recording Documents

 Upon the presentation of a document for filing in Torrens, the Certificate of Title is examined. All instruments presented for filing in the Torrens system are reviewed for compliance prior to acceptance. Upon filing, documents are issued a sequential document number and the date and time of the filing is noted upon the document.

Storing Records

 Crow Wing County records date back to 1867. Torrens documents from that date until July of 2000 are available in their original form. Original Certificates of Title from that date until July 2000 are found in spring bound books in the Torrens Department. From that date forward both the documents and the Certificates of Title are available as optical images on computer.

Searching the Database

 The Torrens Department has a full book tract index for all registered parcels. In 1997 we began entering all Torrens documents in a computer index which searches by grantor, grantee, document number or legal description. Public terminals are available in our office for searches in this index. Our staff is readily available to give you a quick tutorial so you may use these records quickly and efficiently. If you have the need to search this database often, it is also available on the internet on a subscription basis. If you would like more information on this service, please see the Online Tract Index.

Requesting Copies of Documents

 Recording documents is our first priority. Requests for copies that are mailed or faxed to our office are handled in the order they are received. Crow Wing County does not perform abstracting services or title searches; however we can prepare a Certificate of Condition of Registrar for a fee.

Examiner of Titles

Crow Wing County has a private Examiner of Titles who is appointed by the District Court. If you have need of the services of the Examiner of Titles you can contact him directly: 

Jim Nelson
Attorney at Law
Deputy Examiner 
510 Maple Street
Brainerd, MN 56401
Phone: 218-829-4717