Oversize Loads / Weight Restrictions

Building / Oversize Load Movement

Movement of oversize loads are allowed by permit only. An approved permit must be in hand prior to any movement. Please allow 3 working days for permit application review. Overweight permits cannot be issued while seasonal restrictions are in place. The current Fee Schedule lists the cost for Single and Annual Move permits. Fees must be received prior to issuance of a permit. Apply for a moving permit on-line.  View help for applying for an annual oversized moving permit or a single/one-time moving permit.

Overweight permits are not issued during seasonal weight restrictions. 

If you have questions about applying for a moving permit please contact us.  

For additional information regarding weight restrictions, view the information below.

Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Seasonal weight restrictions are regulated by the Commissioner of Transportation.   2023 seasonal weight restrictions were lifted as of May 24, 2023.   Currently, there are no seasonal weight restrictions in place.  

Cooperation and compliance with the legal posted limits is needed to minimize unnecessary damage to our roads.

Minnesota Statute 169.87 establishes weight restrictions. The weight on any single axle shall not exceed 5 tons on any unpaved street or highway; or 10 tons on a paved street or highway unless posted otherwise between the dates set by the Commissioner of Transportation. 

Check the map for spring weight restrictions per axle for county roads.          

If you have any questions regarding weight limits on Crow Wing County Roads, please contact us.