First Assessment District

The First Assessment District (FAD) is an unorganized territory which has over 60 miles of public road ways. The County Board of Commissioners acts as the elected policy makers in the absence of an organized form of local government. The Highway Department coordinates construction and maintenance of FAD roads.

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First Assessment District Road and Bridge Finances

A series of public meetings to share concerns or ask questions regarding township level property taxes were held in June and July 2017. The meeting presentation is available for viewing.

Like in other townships, FAD residents pay a separate township level property tax to fund government services within its jurisdiction. This is in addition to county level and school district level taxes. Crow Wing County does not subsidize the FAD or other townships for infrastructure needs. State Statue prohibits use of County Sales Tax revenue for township roadway construction and maintenance. Township property taxes are currently the only source of revenue to fund all activities necessary to properly maintain the FAD roadway system.

One-time Maintenance of Roads

Residents within the FAD may petition for one-time maintenance of roads platted for public use and not maintained by the county or the state. Basic, non-routine road maintenance will be provided by the County, acting on behalf of the FAD, as outlined in the policy revised by the County Board on November 22, 2016.   Requests for Maintenance Service may be submitted online.  View help for submitting a request for maintenance service.   View the list of roads eligible for maintenance service.

FAD Road Construction Specifications

In order for the County to accept roads to become part of the County or FAD road system, the road must meet the policy (PDF) adopted April 12, 2022.  This includes the Typical Roadway Cross-section diagram.