Right of Way

The Minnesota Department of Transportation defines a right of way as a strip of land which is used as a transportation corridor. The amount of right of way varies along county roads.  Email us to request the amount of right of way along county roads.

Placement of Items in Public Right of Way

Placement of signs (including temporary signs for garage sales, real estate sales, and similar signs), landscaping, fences, or other structures are not permitted in the right of way.  Please email us if you have questions about placement of items in or near the public right of way:

Driveway Access

Driveway access to a county road requires that a permit be obtained by the landowner prior to construction. The County Board adopted a Driveway Access Policy, revised on April 23, 2019, which includes construction specifications. A deposit of $500.00 for a residential driveway or $750.00 for a commercial driveway is required when the application is submitted. If a culvert is needed, materials are provided to the applicant and costs deducted from the deposit.  Apply for a driveway permit on-line. Email us with questions regarding the driveway permitting process.


The right of way is also used by utilities to run lines. Installation of a utility within a county road right of way requires a permit be obtained prior to digging.  Stipulations for construction are attached to the permit. There is a minimum fee of $100.00 for the first mile and $50.00 for each additional mile of construction. Apply for a utility permit on-line.

All Terrain Vehicles

The right of way in areas of the county is open to All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) use, which is defined by County Ordinance 0601 (PDF).

Additional Information