Sanitary Landfill

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The Sanitary Landfill is a double containment system which is comprised of 2 feet of compacted clay with a top liner made of 60 mil. high density polyethylene plastic to prevent contamination of soil and water.

The Sanitary Landfill is a service provided for Crow Wing County residential and commercial businesses to dispose of their waste materials.

Location & Hours

The Sanitary Landfill is located at the Crow Wing County Solid Waste Disposal Site

April - October Monday through Saturday, 8 am - 5 pm

November - March - Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5 pm 


Check in at the Landfill Office for instructions and waste inspections. Disposal fee information for wastes is available by viewing the Fee Schedule.

Waste Accepted in the Sanitary Landfill

  • Miscellaneous household garbage
  • Fiberglass boats
  • Furniture
  • Mobile Homes - Not Clean (Contact the Landfill Office for procedure at 218-828-4392)
  • Asbestos (Contact the Landfill Office for procedure at: 218-828-4392)

Industrial Solid Waste

The County Sanitary Landfill is permitted to accept mixed municipal solid waste and non-hazardous solid waste generated by an industry that meets the criteria as outlined in the County Industrial Solid Waste Mangement (PDF) (ISWMP). The County as the Landfill owner reserves the right to reject and not accept for disposal any waste that it deems may be harmful to public health and the environment and / or has not been properly characterized as a non-hazardous solid waste.

All industries are required to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the County that their industrial waste is not a hazard and will not have a deleterious effect on the Landfill operations or leachate treatability. The waste evaluation procedure is outlined in the ISWMP. The first step of the County's approval procedure will be the completion of a Waste Evaluation Form. This must be completed and signed by an authorized company representative.

Waste Accepted at the Landfill Site, but not in the Sanitary Landfill

Waste Prohibited from the County Landfill are:

  • Untreated sewage sludge, and septic tank pumping
  • Radioactive waste
  • Infectious waste

For additional questions on disposal items, please call the Landfill Office at 218-828-4392.

Self Haulers

Residents may have their waste disposal material picked up by a licensed hauler, or dispose of their waste at the Landfill (Self Hauler).

Commercial haulers or self haulers are required to check in at the front office, and are then directed to the Sanitary Landfill. All haulers are required to dump where the signs indicate.

 Sanitary Landfill