4 Months Old

Hey, parents!

Your baby is already 4 months old! Hard to believe, right? It’s time to make your little one’s 4-month checkup appointment with his/her doctor! Through Crow Wing County’s Child and Teen Checkups program, this appointment is FREE to anyone on Medical Assistance. The checklist of some areas that will be covered in your child’s 4-month checkup include:

  • A chance to ask your questions
  • Reliable information about healthy food, sleep, behavior and safety
  • A check on how your baby is growing, learning, developing, and feeling
  • Time to talk about parenting
  • Weight, length, head size
  • Head-to-toe exam
  • Immunizations
  • Hearing and vision checks
  • Support with family needs:
    • Food, housing, utilities
    • Money or job resources
    • Child care
    • Transportation
    • Help with safe relationships, mental health or substance use

Find out where to get free checkups in your area by visiting Child and Tee Checkups.

4 Months