Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA)


Most child support orders issued in Minnesota after August 1, 1983, include a requirement that the child support amount be adjusted every 2 years based on changes in the cost of living. Cost of living increases will be implemented by the child support agency when the agency is providing services. Cost of living increases may also be completed for cases without child support agency involvement.

Obtaining Information

Procedures and forms may be obtained from the legislative commission of the Economic Status of Women or are available through a private attorney.

Stopping or Staying the Cost of Living Adjustments

If you have received notice of a cost of living increase and believe you have not had a cost of living increase in the 2 years preceding this notice, you can ask the court to stop the adjustment. Procedures and forms to do this may be obtained from state court administration.

Please note that if you have an order that is several years old and have not had the cost of living adjustments processed since it was issued and you apply for child support services through a county office, cost of living adjustments will be processed on the order for all eligible years in the next cost of living processing cycle.

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