Redemption of Mortgage Foreclosed Property

The mortgagor or another party acting by authority from the mortgagor (such as a title company or law firm) may redeem a property sold at a mortgage foreclosure sale. Redemption may be made through the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office or through the attorney representing the bank or other mortgagee at the foreclosure sale. The process for the homeowner to redeem their property must be completed by the last day of the redemption period listed in the Certificate of Sale. 

Redemption Process Through the Sheriff's Office

  • Contact the Sheriff's Office to request redemption figures. Please allow ample time to obtain pay-off information. By statute, the mortgage company has 7 days from the date of request to provide redemption figures.
  • Notify the Sheriff's Office of the intended redemption date and complete the Civil Process Redemption Information Form (PDF).
  • On the scheduled redemption date, provide certified funds made payable to the mortgage company. The Sheriff's Office fee may be made by check, cash or credit/debit card.
  • A Certificate of Redemption is provided by the Sheriff's Office. Within 24 hours after the redemption is made, the person redeeming must file all required documents with the County Recorder or Registrar of Titles.

Additional Information